DuoSoftware’s flagship product, DuoSubscribe Version 5 provides a complete Subscriber Management and Billing solution to corporations in the PayTV and Triple play industry which transforms their capability to deliver services to subscribers which extend beyond the boundaries of conventional thought.

It provides tools needed to launch and scale any subscription service quickly and affordably. It is a complete end-to-end subscription management solution which can be integrated with other packages and platforms to enhance workflow and productivity of an organization. DuoSubscribe makes it easy for a business to manage all subscriber relationships from one place by responding to customer requests for channel activations, changing subscription packages and handling promotions efficiently while ensuring that all processes are well streamlined. Handling any task involved in a subscription-based operation, from lead management to sales and initial invoicing to prorated invoicing and monthly invoicing, it provides more value to customers and helps operators to stay competitive in a business where customer service is the key that separates an organisation from the competition.

DuoSubscribe is targeted at any industry or company which is in a subscription based business and currently the market base largely consists of pay TV service providers.

The system can be customized to fit each customer’s requirement, by giving the opportunity of requesting for special features as required.

The architecture provides an open network for any 3rd party application to connect with.

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