DuoContact is a comprehensive Contact Center and CRM solution which has been successfully deployed in diverse industries for managing and operating Contact Centers. Through its complete offering of features covering all areas of Contact Center operations, DuoContact makes Customer Service easy and affordable.

Our highly automated self-service IVR system lets you automate tasks, save time, reduce costs and improve service. Activate Hosted IVR and enjoy the delivery of highly flexible IVR services which can be used to automate many interactions with customers, suppliers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

Provision of automated services via IVR will minimize the workload on your agents and maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. Typical applications for the Interactive Voice Response system are automated information access, voice-mail, phone banking, calling-card processing, surveys & polls, status reporting and many more.

The DuoContact call processor is designed and tuned to meet the truly dynamic and changing needs of the modern enterprise in the most effective way. The comprehensive call processor core which contains all vital logic and components facilitates the running of both centralized and distributed contact centers.

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